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Ai auzit de Uncyclopedia? Este o adevarata comoara atunci cand Wiki nu mai poate fi de ajutor. Exista chiar si o versiune romaneasca, Neciclopedia. Cauta orice cuvant si te vei convinge. De exemplu, strainii pot in sfarsit sa inteleaga acceptia unor cuvinte din "slangul" romanesc:

successful people are called muisti [muyshti] (muie-performers) in [[Romania]].

The former dictator of Romania, Ceausescu / Nea Nicu / Nea Nae / Ceasca / Pif was considered the leading muist in the country. Worldwide, the name is attributable to personalities like George Bush and Bill Gates.

Famous Quotes

"Muie! Ti-am spus!" - Traian Basescu a.k.a. "Base", refering to A. Nastase (a.k.a. Bombonel), 12.12.2004 after winning second round in Romanian 2004 Presidential Elections.

"... Da-mi place ca ma distrez si ma exprim, sa-i dau la muie lu' Voiculescu!..." - Gigi Becali a.k.a. "Jiji", in an telephonic interview at Antena 1.

"Sa-ti trag la muie!" - Parazitii

"m.U.E." - Constantin Irimia, inspector for european integration, prefecture of Vaslui.

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