Author: Oenoanda
Din arhivele secrete ale Vaticanului. Aparitia crestinismului si a primului sau eretic.

Multumiri lui Monty Python :)
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On 12 aprilie 2009, 20:32 , oao spunea...

the reason python were so funny is because even they took things to the most absurd, they seem plausible with respect to reality. and nowhere is this more true than on religion.

in fact, had jesus existed and not been resurrected, he would have been rolling in his grave if he knew the religion invented in his name.

christianity is a hijacking by paul of judaism due to his rabid antisemitism. one of the best books on the subject is Hyam Maccoby's THE MYTHMAKER.

(i left romania in 1961 and while I read, speak and understand romanian quite well, it is easier for me to write in english).

On 12 aprilie 2009, 23:20 , Oenoanda spunea...

oao, am pus o traducere din Onfray apropo de Paul. Nici o problema, scrie cum ti-e mai simplu.

On 13 aprilie 2009, 06:11 , oao spunea...

I still think Maccoby should be read by anybody interested in the origins of christianity.

and here's a more important aspect of python's LIFE OF BRYAN:

quite apropos what's happening today with islam. quite significant that they are succeeding so easily to stifle everybody when christianity tried hard but could not. looks like violence is key if you want to protect religion.